The Gameskin is a .png that determines the visual appearance of the weapons, flags, ammo, and effects in Teeworlds. You can change the look of Teeworlds by finding gameskins on the Teeworlds forum in the Graphics Zone (just search gameskin!). When you find one you like, replace it with the original gameskin (which is called game.png). Most people change the gameskin because they are bored of the default look or just want something new and more comfortable to look at.

Steps to changing your Gameskin

  • Go to your Teeworlds folder
  • Go to the "data" folder
  • Search for game.png
  • (Optional) Save it to your computer so you can change it back if you don't like your new gameskin
  • Replace game.png with your new gameskin
  • Name your new gameskin game.png
  • Play Teeworlds and enjoy!

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