Currently there are six weapons in Teeworlds : Hammer, Pistol, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Laser Rifle and Katana

Hammer Edit



The hammer is a melee weapon dealing 3 damage with every strike. It has almost no range, but players can utilize the grappling hook to pull enemies into range. The hammer does not have, or has very little firing cooldown, and can be spammed, as it does not use ammo. The hammer needs to be aimed, just like the guns. In normal servers, you start with it as your secondary weapon.

Pistol Edit



A long range, fast firing weapon that replenishes ammo automatically, one bullet at a time. Bullets deal 1 point of damage each, and only regenerate while the pistol is selected. The pistol has almost no firing cooldown. In normal servers, you start with it as your primary weapon.

Shotgun Edit



Good medium-range weapon that has a spreading shot: 1 bullet divides into 5. Each bullet deals 1 damage. This weapon is most effective up close, becoming less effective as the range increases. In modded servers, the shotgun acts as a laser and will move you to where it is shot from when hit is good. The shotgun is usually used as an alternative to the hammer, as it has more range.

Grenade Launcher Edit


Grenade Launcher

This weapon shoots exploding grenades which deal area damage. The amount of damage depends on the distance between the target and the center of the explosion. Grenades can be fired quickly and are affected by gravity. Grenades can deal up to 6 points of damage each (with 6 being a direct hit), the most damage per shot in the game. You can hurt yourself with your own grenade if you get in the area of the explosion, although grenades only deal up to 3 points of damage to the player. It can be used to blast yourself high if used correctly on a wall or with a timed jump (although this will still damage you). Some modded servers remove the damage dealt to yourself.

Laser Rifle Edit


Laser Rifle

Long range weapon. Each shot can bounce (once, unless you're playing on a modded server) from a surface if it does not hit an enemy. Shots to the feet don't count, so sometimes lasers can accidentally pass underneath players' bodies. The Rifle has a fire rate of 1 shot per second, and each shot deals 5 damage. Lasers are precise and will hit targets instantly upon firing, although they have a short delay while bouncing. Unfortunately, shots are difficult to land and can use up ammo very quickly.

It's the weapon that is used for the Instagib Mod.

It's also used in certain mods like DDrace for unfreezing other players or yourself if used correctly.



This weapon is a power-up that lasts for 15 seconds. The firing button (default is Left Mouse Click) makes you move quickly in the direction of the crosshair: slicing through any tees in your path and dealing a large amount of damage. While the power-up is active, you cannot fire any other weapons.